Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun things to do in Ketchikan!

I've been thinking about some of the fun things I want to do in Ketchikan while we're there next month. This is my list so far. Whether we'll be able to cram in this much stuff (lots of hiking!) is debatable. :o)

*Misty Fjords and glaciers flightseeing tour (Jonathan has never seen a glacier! He's going in his first floatplane ride and seeing his first glaciers. I'm so excited!)

*Hike Connell Lake, Rainbird, Lunch Creek, Deer Mountain (a little adventurous, but I'm crossing my fingers), and Pipeline trails

*Drink Rainiers on the Arctique's deck, drink Rainiers out at Hole in the Wall, have foofy, yummy martinis or beer at Fat Stan's, and probably beers from the 'Dough

*Look for black bears catching fish out at Herring Cove

*Go to my FAVORITE beach: Refuge Cove!

*Go to Settlers Cove, a beach I haven't gone to in a looong time

*Eat at Annabelle's and the New York (this is obvious, my two favorite restaurants!), Cape Fox (bacon-wrapped Alaskan scallops and sockeye salad with lime dressing!), and Oceanview (halibut fajitas!)

*Possibly berry-picking at any of the trails. Huckleberries, blueberries, and salmonberries!

*Shopping at Ketchikan Dry Goods, my friend Janine's store, which is my FAVORITE store in Ketchikan. Love love love love loooooove!!!<3

*Shop at the Soho Coho, my friend Ray Troll's shop

*Drive to the top of Brown Mountain just to say we did it, but also for the view (if we had guns available I'd set up cans to shoot)

I'm trying to think of other stuff to do. I want to go kayaking and fishing, but that might be expensive. (Unless I fished from the kayak... ;o)

Heck, depending on how wild and crazy we want to be, we could do "The Line." We start our evening drinking at Fat Stan's (or the Potlatch), then the Snapper, then the 'Dough, then the Arctique, maybe karaoke at KJ's, and then end the evening dancing at the Shitty.

I'm also SO excited to stay at my friend Mary's rental. It looks amazing!

Have I forgotten anything? :o)

Side note: In looking up links to include for these bars, I am amazed the Arctic and Hole in the Wall actually have websites. Seriously. These bars are..."rustic" (to put it nicely). xoxo

Side note #2: I'm pretty excited to be on a ferry again! And it's Jonathan's first time on a ferry, as well. So many firsts for him since he's been with me!


  1. Don't forget one of my favorite things to do while you're there: sit under the cruise ship dock on top of a cement piling and drink a Rainier! I also forgot to get back to you- I would love it if you guys had time to do a couple of video clues!!

  2. Oh, man, video clues would be AWESOME! I bet we could do one from our glacier tour. Just let me know what you want and we'll make it happen!

    I bet Jonathan would love to drink Ranier under the dock, but I want to make sure I'm extra careful that I don't fracture my hip again. That was insane and I'm still hurting from it off and on.

  3. What fun!!! I am so absolutely jealous. Oh, how I miss salmonberries, real blueberries and huckleberries!! My mouth is watering as I type this. I miss having the ability to go out and just pick such an awesome selection of berries!

    I don't think I would have the ability to cram all that in, in one trip! I was so sick when my Grandpa and I visited (in 2005) and unfortunately didn't get to do/see all that I wanted to.

    Thanks for including all those links, as I love checking out what's going on/new in Ketchikan as I am incredibly out of the loop.

    I too was indescribably thrilled to ride the ferry when I went with my Grandpa!! It felt like I was going home (and I've not lived there for 14 14 years already?).

    I can't wait to see all your pictures! :o)


    p.s. What route are you guys planning on driving when you come through Canada? Just curious...:o)

  4. P.S. - Are you planning on touring any of the Indian sights with Jonathan, or have you guys already been?


  5. I don't know if we'll end up going to any of them or not. The rental we're staying at is past Totem Bight and then Saxman is easy to get to, so I guess we'll see!

  6. Oops, just realized I forgot to comment on your other part! :o)

    Yeah, I like including links to things for that very reason! I want people to either see what it is I'm talking about or possibly learn something new from my blog.