Thursday, May 2, 2013

MyChelle Sun Shield SPF is the Best Sunblock Ever!

I haven't worn sunscreen on my face for the past couple of years. I would wear it if I was going to be outside for a while and definitely if it was super sunny out, but other than that, I like to get my vitamin D naturally. However, I started doing some more research and discovered that it is actually preferable to wear SPF on your face because your facial skin is thinner. I had used lotion in the past that had SPF in it, but they were always conventional products that had who-knows-what kind of nastiness in them, so I needed to find something good for my face that didn’t cause me to break out. I searched Skin Deep and found MyChelle Sunshield SPF 28. I found it at Fred Meyer’s so I decided to try it. I gotta say…


It’s not greasy in the least bit. It also isn’t really chalky like other SPF lotions can be. I use a squidge about the size of a chickpea and that seems to be enough for my whole face. Maybe a little bit more for my neck and ears. What I love most about it (besides the fact that my face doesn’t get grossly greasy) is that it hasn’t caused me to break out! Anyway, since it’s that time of year I wanted to share my new-found knowledge! I love sharing products I love! Also, this Daily Defense cream sounds amazing and I think I want to try that, too!

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