Monday, April 29, 2013

Dana and I's Downtown Portland Segway Tour Adventure

Yesterday I got to mark something off my bucket list. I got to ride on a Segway!

I've been wanting to ride one of these since I first heard of them. I remember reading about "Ginger" and was so curious about it. I always thought it would be cool to ride one, but, living in Ketchikan, didn't know how I could ever make that happen. It seemed like something weirdly fanciful so I put it in the back of my mind. Last year when I was working at the Saturday Market I noticed a pod of grinning people riding Segways through the crowds and they looked like they were having So Much Fun. I looked it up, but it was around $75 for a two hour tour. Since I was trying to save so much money for my trips I just kept it in the back of my mind as something I could some day do, but now I at least knew I *could* do it in Portland.

Enter Jonathan emailing me that there was a Groupon for it! My friend Dana had been nice enough to house my kayak for a few days. (I had decided to sell it, as I've owned it for two years and haven't ever used it. Some of you may recall summer of 2011 where there was a lot of kayaking planned and none of it ever happened. Well, it worked out that my friend Bekka in Ketchikan needed a kayak, so she bought it from me and some friends of hers picked it up. So, in thanks, I bought Dana a Groupon to go with me on this tour! Jonathan thinks it's too dorky and wouldn't do it, so I'm so happy that she said yes. :o) She was a little hesitant at first but then ended up having a great time! The weather was perfect and our tour guide, Jered, was SO nice! I highly recommend Portland by Segway and would love to do this again!

The lesson was quick and easy! 

And then we were off on our tour!

Possibly a new federal building? We aren't sure... 


They see us rolling, they hatin'...
(Most people we saw had big smiles on their faces. We had a lot of questions asked about the Segways!) 

Mini Big Pink

Mill Ends Park (smallest park in the world!) 

Rockin' the Esplanade

We were moving fast so I was just pointing and shooting! 



Heading toward the Steel Bridge 

A gorgeous day in Portland!! 

The Broadway Bridge over across the way...

Here are my Instagram photos from the day...

 We headed to Deschutes afterward and they had Cinder Cone Red on tap!!!!!
It was one of my favorite beers but they discontinued it a few years ago!

The Honda finally broke 150,000 miles today! Whooooo!
Non-Segway news, but it still happened today and was significant!

A short little movie I took at the Esplanade

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