Thursday, December 6, 2012

What I'd Really Like For Christmas

That little guy there is Holiday Seal. He lives down the street from where I live and it's not officially the holiday season until I see him out in the yard in front of his house. (It worries me that it's already the first full week of December and I haven't seen him yet this year, though.) Come out, come out, wherever you are, Holiday Seal!

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I'd like for Christmas. I still don't really want any "stuff" for the holiday. Know what I'd really like? I'll tell you: money (or gift cards) for experiences! Not to sound completely gauche, but this list is what I'd use it on. It also sucks that some of this stuff is fairly spendy, but even money to put *toward* it would be helpful!

*Frames for art - I have several pieces of art that I'd love to display, some that I've had for over a year, and the reason I can't display it yet is because it needs to be framed and framing can get expensive. I don't want fancy frames, but I would like something! I think $200 to put toward framing my art would be adequate or it would at least take care of most of it. We had a few things framed a couple years ago at I've Been Framed and I'd probably go back there.

*Gift certificates for the Bhaktishop - Yoga is one of my favorite things. I'd love gift cards to the Bhaktishop because that's the gift that keeps on giving!

*Kayak Class for Jonathan and I - Yes, I know how to kayak, but Jonathan doesn't and it would be more fun if we did this together! Also, I haven't kayaked since last year, so it would be nice to hear about kayaking in Oregon from the instructors. There is always more to learn! This class through Next Adventure looks fun! Two gift certificates is $130.

*Gas card for $50 - Since Jonathan got me snowshoes for my birthday, now I want to go play with them up on the mountain! Unfortunately, it's a little cost prohibitive because it's a full tank of gas round trip and we only have a $100 a month budget for gas, so, you know, we can't afford to blow half that in one day. Luckily, Shell has a gift card and that would help pay for a fun day of snowshoeing! (Bonus: some moolah for a pizza and beer at Double Mountain after playing outside in the cold all day would be AWESOME.)

*San Pellegrino - Okay, so here is one thing I actually do want. I freaking love San Pellegrino. It's so fizzy and refreshing. I would love finding a bottle of water in my stocking. (No, really!)

So that's what I'd really like for Christmas. Cold, hard cash that I could then turn into something fun and exciting. I have everything I can think of that I need or want! But it's hard to take some of the money that I earn that I need to be saving for my trips ('cause trips to Antarctica ain't cheap) and spend it on a day at the mountain or kayaking for a few hours. I guess that's what I should probably do, but, Santa, if you're really listening, get me some fun experiences for 2013!


  1. I love your list ... and I REALLY love that seal. We saw real seals on our trip to Lincoln City last week. I was sooo thrilled. Also, Jimmy has been trying to convince me that drinking sparkling water is like drinking fizzy tears, haha. I feel like you & I need to have a lunch date and drink sparkling water together!

    1. "Drinking sparkling water is like drinking fizzy tears." THAT made me laugh SO hard, you have no clue. Oh, my gosh, but it's soooooo good! Sometimes I think that it would be neat to have one of those machines that makes water fizzy, but then.... I dunno. I'd have to buy cartridges. And mineral water has, you know, MINERALS in it. Because minerals make it magic. And SP has been being produced for over 600 years, according to Wiki. Jimmy just needs to get with the program and see how great it is. Don't y'all want to feel fancy and European? ;o)

      Yes, we should have a lunch date! Let me see how next week goes. I am heading to a job interview here soon and might have a job next week! ;o)