Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crazy Crafty!

Whoooo! What a weekend! I worked Saturday and Sunday with Amy at Crafty Wonderland and IT WAS A BLAST! It was so much fun and we did well! This photo was taken by Kyle when he came by to say hi. I really didn't get a chance to do much shopping at all this year. It was so busy that the only booths I looked at were on my way to and from the bathroom! I did manage to pick up some Christmas presents for Jonathan and I's families, so that was good, though! And I did get some cool stuff for us:

I got a planter from A D Busch and napkins from Appetite.
(We had white napkins before. What was I thinking?!)

I was also house-sitting this weekend for an adorable dog named Tallulah and checking in on my friend's cat Grace while she was out of town. Did I mention that I was also taking transit everywhere? It was a busy, busy weekend, but I made some money and it was a lot of fun!

Are y'all finding good presents for people for Christmas or are you finding good presents for yourselves? ;o) I really want to post photos of what we got family but there is, of course, the chance they will see this post. Maybe I can take photos and post them on December 26?

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