Saturday, June 9, 2012

Doing Good

Thank you to everyone for your kind words about Jonathan's accident. He had his follow-up doctor's appointment today and it sounds like he's going to be fine. No riding his bike for two weeks, but a month would be better. No driving unless he needs to. No going back to work for another week. His brain is still recovering. He gets tired easily, is still forgetful, and has trouble with some things. Filling out the paperwork for his appointment took a little while. Overall, he is doing good and just needs to take it easy! I am excited for him to be home this week (paid! thank you, sick leave) so we get to spend some time with each other.

I'm excited that tomorrow I will be submitting my senior paper to my teacher and, if she accepts it, I will officially be graduating on June 16. I'm so ready to be done with school. This upcoming week will be a whirlwind of meeting with friends, meeting about making soap for a business (exciting!), house-sitting for my friend Monkey for a few days, working the Saturday Market for Karina, and then driving down to Cheshire on Sunday night to go to Jonathan's brother's graduation in Eugene, enjoy a BBQ with the family, and then head back Monday night. Whew! It will be fun, but busy.

Here's a few photos of life in the past few days:

 Two new basil plants! So cute! I can't wait for fresh basil this year.

June's Official Meeting of Adventurers Who Love Cats and Cocktails was last night.
Boy, it was sure needed. 

Our new grinder came in the mail yesterday. We loved our Camano mill, but didn't think about how much coffee we'd be needing to make iced coffee when it's warm out. (It's a lot.) 

This morning for breakfast I made one of my favorite meals. Sauteed kale with fried eggs.
This morning's featured a smidge of pesto and some feta. Yummy!

How was your week?

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