Friday, May 25, 2012

A Picture Post Catch-up for the Weekend

I know.

I know!

I haven't hardly posted lately.

I've been working a ton, trying to finish my senior paper so I can graduate (June 16 - holla!), and we're now long-term cat-sitting.


All I have to say is that I'm glad it sounds like life will be settled a little bit more soon. I'm sad that my days off have been less "day off" than they usually are. They've been filled with writing my paper for hours at a time, running errands, and doing...stuff? I miss having free days to do fun adventures! I need to get to the coast sometime soon! Maybe a celebratory coast trip once my paper is officially turned in.

Anyway, enough whiny-complainy fill-you-in stuff. Here is what I've been up to lately in pictures. More fun adventures soon!

I helped Shawn of Pixel Party for two different craft shows. I honed my spray painting skillz. 

I drank a lot of iced coffee. 

I swooooooooned because my beloved Kyan Douglas tweeted at me! Sigh. He is so dreamy.
(My first celebrity tweet, I think! Aaaaa!) 

Super amazing crazy sparkly freaking awesome headband from Shana of Cookoorikoo

Jonathan has been working his booty off on mad overtime. While we have put almost all of it into savings, we did buy a griller pan to match the rest of our Le Creuset cookware. We had a different grill pan that we completely wore out and we had to throw it away. When it's summertime, we GRILL.

I saw Charlie's new coffee bike when he got some supplies from us at work! He did an amazing job! It's gorgeous! 

I house-sat for Shana and Shawn when they went to California for a week. Monkey and I had a great time playing hide-n-go-seek. I found you, Monkey! 

Monkey and Britt: BFFs. 

Pupper butts. 

Artoo enjoyed using Monkey as a chin rest. 

I got a Muluk hat and I LOVE IT!!! Cutest hat ever, made of recycled material. 

Katrina, our temporary kitty! A very nice cat, but likes things done her way. 

Can you spot the pets? 

I got a scarf from New Duds that I've been wanting since at least October. I figured if I still want it over half a year later it passes muster and it must be mine! I absolutely adore it! 

Amy and I's exclusive club will be having our June meeting on the 1st. 

Katrina: Queen of the Doormat.

And you! How have you been?

P.S. Did you see I am now at 40% saved for Antarctica! EEEEEEE!!!!!

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