Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday's Walk

This last weekend was pretty great. We did a little bit of house-cleaning, I went through some stuff and organized a bit, and then Jonathan, Artoo, and I went for a walk. This time I brought my camera with me to document. It was a nice afternoon. High overcast and just a little bit breezy. Perfect walking weather!

Stripey cedar boughs! 


Anyone know what these things are? 

I let Artoo sniff it... 

...but then he snarfed it! He is too fast! 

Absolutely beautiful! I'm bummed because the film in my LCA+ ran out right before this photo.

Last night I didn't sleep so well, so this morning has been pretty low-key. However, I am walking at Mt. Tabor with my friend Cristina in a couple of hours, then I have a few errands to run, and then Andi is coming over for some girl time tonight! I'm allowing myself this morning to wallow in my didn't-sleep-well-iness (yes, I went there) but then I need to get dressed and get happy because fun times will be had!


  1. Where did you walk? That 2nd photo is really pretty!

  2. The thing your dog ate is honesty - it's a self-seeding annual!