Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Preliminary Post of 2012

We are currently driving back from Astoria and I am blogging on my phone. Today was the best first day of the year I've had in the past few years. It totally rocked. I had told Jonathan that I would treat him to a trip to the coast with some of my Christmas money. We were planning on snowshoeing today and doing this trip later in the month but his leg was a little achy from yesterday so we decided to do this trip today! It was so, so much fun. He is the best fellow adventurer! I'll have more photos up soon, but here is a little hint of what we did today.

We went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory to get some of their yummy ice cream. We saw the Loaf Love van! I've seen it before in downtown Portland. Pretty cute!

We went to Ecola Seafoods for lunch. Ecola Seafoods has the best seafood in Oregon, I'm pretty sure. Plus, they're really nice! I had a salmon taco and Jonathan had crab cakes with shrimp salad on the side. Everything was delicious!

After Ecola Seafoods we went to Ecola State Park. This is my favorite state park in Oregon! Right now the blue whales are migrating so everyone is looking for whales. We didn't see any, though!

SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this park. :o) This is the beach that Captain William Clark and twelve other men discovered natives butchering a giant whale on in 1806. Remember how I'm a big Lewis & Clark nerd? Yeah.

Tuffie love!

We had our first beers at Fort George Brewery. Everything was fine and deliciously dandy and then we had two people tell us the brewery tour was starting in a few minutes. Don't need to tell us twice! It ended up being so, so awesome and we got to explore an upper part of the brewery building that isn't usually part of the tour. Those pictures will come with the next blog posting!

They had a bunch of stout aging in these bourbon barrels from Maker's Mark in Kentucky that they'll release at their annual stout festival in February. Sounds pretty fantastic to me!

And that was our day! I'll go into more detail soon. I just had to get this out. I'm so excited about this year and what to expect! Jonathan and I also had some good talks during our drives and I feel pretty hopeful and confident that 2012 is gonna rock some socks. I hope everyone else had a great first day of the year, as well!


  1. That sounds like a great day! Ecola State Park looks gorgeous.

  2. It is soooooo awesome! I am about to upload my photos I took on my digital and will have them up tomorrow. I can't wait to see the ones I took on my film cameras!