Monday, December 19, 2011

We Have A New Cat!!!!

If you are friends with me on FB or follow me on Twitter, you know that yesterday we got a new cat and I am REALLY excited about it! A friend messaged me a few days ago and said that she could no longer give her cat a good standard of care, due to life events. Because I have been talking about needing a cat in my life and being friends, she knew I would probably give him a good home. I grilled her with all the important questions (neutered? claws? health problems? food allergies? okay with a dog?) and he sounded like a perfect fit. (I seriously wanted to say "purr-fect" fit, but I didn't....OH, but I DID!)

This is the photo she texted me:

So handsome!!!!

Yesterday at 1pm we showed up and met him. He was immediately receptive to Jonathan and I and I could tell my friend was relieved that he was great with us and that we were super excited to bring him into our family. We brought him home and he was such a trooper. He explored "his" room (we don't let Artoo into our spare bedroom) and then left after a few minutes to move onto the rest of the apartment. He spent the evening either quietly exploring the back of the apartment or coming out to see what Jonathan and I were doing in the living room. 

And so now I present to all of you... Finnegan Sebastian Catkins Hassell-Jayne!


Always on the move right now 

I love pictures of cats looking concerned and slightly pissy. 

Prairiecat. :o)

As of yet (5pm on Sunday night) we have not yet let Artoo out, to give Finn a little bit more time without pug craziness, but I honestly think he will be totally fine. He's pretty rambunctious and I think he and Artoo will be friends eventually. Baby steps! We are so happy to have a cat again and I think he will be a great fit, once he figures out his place with us. We love you, Finnegan!

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  1. So happy for you guys! How have Finn & Artoo been adjusting to one another?