Friday, December 9, 2011

Money and Finances

Apparently I am a little slow because all the cool kids have been doing this for awhile, but I just started to use Mint to track Jonathan and I's combined accounts. This summer I was at my friend Murgen's house and Jurgen was using Mint. When I told him I'd never tried it he was appalled and said, "YOU HAVEN'T?!" Since that conversation I've talked with other people and they use it, too, so I decided to try it out. Now that I'm working less it was initially "interesting" to try and figure out if we would have enough money to pay bills at the times we needed to pay bills. Would we have anything left over each month to put into savings?

True piece of paper that made me think, "You know, maybe I should give this Mint a try because this ain't working":

Yeah, a little confusing for you and me both.

I set Mint up and I'm really liking it! It's still pretty new, as I've only been tracking for a week or so, but I'm really enjoying it. I'm curious when the first month has passed if we will have any money left over or not or how it all works.

I've also added some new PF blogs to my Google Reader that I thought I'd share. They're really interesting and I've enjoyed reading them!


  1. i love mint! you will find just by knowing where you money is going you will have more left... at least that was with us. We are sooo much better about bills and not using the CC now. Its great!

  2. Yes! You were one of the people that I knew loved Mint and I liked reading your finance posts. See, you are one of the cool, all-knowing people. ;o) I am anal about finances and bills, etc, but I just wasn't sure if we would have enough money overall to pay bills. Especially since I also just started a new job and don't work a whole lot right now. But then with selling soap and having some income from that I know it helps, but I didn't know how much. Still getting it all figured out! But nerdly-excited to see how we're doing at the end of the month. ;o)