Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's My Birthday!

Whooooooo hooo!! Today is my 29th birthday! Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about it! I get a free hour long soak & sauna at Common Grounds Wellness Center tonight, which I have been looking forward to checking out for quite some time now. We are celebrating tonight in the Fortress of Joy by Jonathan making me chicken fajitas for dinner (it must be a birthday tradition now since he made them for me last year, too) and by taking me to North. We will continue the celebration on Saturday by eating lunch at Cartopia (I need me some Whiffies!) and, thanks to Google Offers, by doing tastings at Distillery Row and then attending House Spirits' 6th Annual Holiday Booze Bazaar, where we will be able to sip mini cocktails and nibble on more food, and then we will top the whole thing off by getting each of us a cupcake from Cupcake Jones aka "Best Cupcake Shop in Town."

If you are feeling generous and like helping me celebrate my birthday, please think about donating (even $5 helps!) to my Antarctica fund! I am hoping to go in January of 2015 and it is an expensive month-long trip! However, it's been a life dream of mine to not only go to Antarctica, but to see penguins in their natural habitat. $5 is like buying me a cup of coffee on my birthday. ;o) If you feel like helping me out, please clickie on the link below! If that doesn't work, clicking the pig on the left side of my blog works, too. Thank you SO MUCH in advance! I promise I will come back with lots of pictures of my excited face surrounded by king penguins (And gentoos! And chinstrap penguins! And Adélie ones, too! Not to mention minke whales, various seals, orcas...... *squeeeeee!*).



  1. Happy Birthday Wishes!!! I hope you have an amazing day and super fun weekend! :)

  2. wishing you a very happy birthday! here's hoping you get lots of "cups of coffee" for your birthday too - Antarctica sounds amazing.