Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy, Busy: Getting Rid of Stuff, A New Job, and A Soap Sale!

Whew! Is all I have to say. The past couple of days have been really busy! Jonathan went back to work yesterday, which meant it was time for me to buckle down and get back to work myself. I am about 90% done putting my Alaska things away, but some of that being put away is contingent upon other things getting cleaned up. Now that I'm back I've begun my project of going through things and finding things to get rid of. I was able to clear out a good chunk of my closet and also a good part of my dresser in the spare bedroom.

Oh, the spare bedroom.

We have been using it for storage since we moved here. It has gone through many changes. As of now, our goal is to turn part of the space into a workroom for me, so I can get a work table and have space to do soap stuff and art projects. Unfortunately, this is what the room looks like right now:

The entire room is completely full. For Jonathan's sake, he had started the process of going through his stuff (his part of the room project) before I came back from Alaska. He hasn't had much of a chance in the past few days to work on his stuff, but since I have been home yesterday and today I've managed to go through a lot of my stuff. I got rid of one tote completely and I just have one more long tote of stuff to go through and then that will be a big chunk of my stuff in here. I'm not sure what our plan is when we're done with going through things. I'm not even sure WHEN we'll be done going through things. It might be kinda nice to have some shelving set up and all of the stuff we've decided to keep can go in that, but we don't know how much will even decide to be kept, you know?

I've begun listing things on CraigsList and have a Flickr collection set up of photos of things I'm getting rid of, so if you see something in there you like it's yours! Some stuff I will list on eBay this weekend. I wish I could have a garage sale because there is some "good" stuff that I think is worth something, but we aren't allowed to have garage sales in our apartment complex.

In awesome news, I am now contracted by a local company to make soap for them twenty hours a week! I will probably start sometime next week, but tomorrow I am meeting up with a person from the company to go shopping for supplies. In personal news, I am busting out a ton of soap! In addition to all the cleaning and organizing, I am making as much soap as I can because the holiday season is coming up! It would be cool next year to do holiday shows, but because I did the Alaska thing this year I am kinda behind. Next year I can plan for it, though!

Speaking of soap, I am having a pre-order sale in my Etsy shop because I have so much soap available, but not really "done" until the end of November. Use the code "PREORDER" at checkout to get 10% off your order and have some soap to look forward to! Here's the link to my shop.

This is what I'm working on this week, soap-wise:
PRE-ORDER - Super Yummy Handmade Beer and Honey Shampoo Bar
PRE-ORDER - Corvidae Charcoal and Green Tea Facial Bar
PRE-ORDER - Hairy Sasquatch Shave Bar 
PRE-ORDER - Malaspina Peppermint Vanilla Handmade Vegan Soap
PRE-ORDER - Chinook - Grapefruit Orange Handmade Vegan Soap
PRE-ORDER - Fireweed - Lavender Geranium Handmade Soap

I hope everyone is having a great week! Tomorrow is ~Friday!~

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