Monday, October 10, 2011

Ask (Or Be Patient) and Ye Shall Receive!

I haven't had time to put up a proper post in this past week because it was my last full week of work at the coffee shop. This Saturday was my second-to-last day of work at the coffee shop, with this upcoming Saturday being the last one. I have the next three or four weeks off with Saturday being my only day of work that will be paid by someone else for almost a month or so! I am still waiting to hear back from the job I am hoping to work in Portland. I am so excited to start this new job! It still wouldn't be until the beginning of November sometime, I'm thinking, though. (Working on that "being patient" part of my blog title. ;o)

My blog title refers to a couple awesome things that happened to me in the past week. First off, I had a customer at work offer to sell her brand new, never-been-used VitaMix blender to me for over half price!

It's so shiny!

Later the same day, I went to Simply Bella to check out their "30% off all Le Creuset" sale. Jonathan and I have been wanting some of their pieces in the Caribbean Blue color. Our skillets that we currently have are shot and I have been concerned about them leaching "stuff" into our food, as they are just cheapie pans from Freddie's, and I have been really wanting a proper Dutch oven, as I have dreams of roasting a whole chicken and then making stock from the bones.

Well, I was in luck!! I managed to get both skillets we wanted AND the 5.5 quart Dutch oven and saved almost $200!!! I made the owner of Simply Bella give me a hug because I was so excited to find exactly what I wanted and like supporting her. (We're friends, so the hug wasn't like I was tracking a stranger down and making her hug me. AWKWARD.)

Not THE most exciting photos of my new cookware, but you'll see much more later in Portland!

So, yes, Thursday was an expensive day for me, but I also saved about $500 on things that I would have bought anyway. I also don't feel bad spending so much money because I spent it on things that Jonathan and I have been saving for. The fact that everything was on super sale was the icing on the cake!

Friday was awesome because I filmed an episode of "Celebrity Chef" for local TV! It featured my salmon that I caught earlier this year. I learned two new recipes from Chef Joel on ways to cook salmon, both that I have never done before. Then the big surprise for me is that Michelle (the host) told me that her and her boyfriend were going to can all of my salmon for me over the weekend! She was going to brine and smoke half of it and the other half she'd just can plain. I was thrilled! I am so thankful! I will be picking up my salmon from her later this evening. I just feel so thankful to have this fun experience of filming a TV show for Ketchikan and learning something from it!

I also did a shout-out to my friend LaDonna about her new cookbook, which is AMAZING and full of yummy salmon recipes! I do not usually buy cookbooks, because I figure you can find every recipe online for free, but this is a collection of recipes that she makes on her fishing boat with her husband. They are salmon fishermen and every recipe is super easy with ingredients that would be on a standard fishing boat. Plus, her and her husband Ole, who took all the photos in the book, are both awesome and are all-around nice people, just the kind of people I like! If you know what's good for you, even if you are new to cooking salmon, you should buy this book. The amount of great recipes in this book is so great. I will never again have to look for salmon recipes again because this book is so thorough. I'm thrilled.

Anyhoo, here are some photos I took while filming!

Buying salmon jars from A&P

Setting up lights and the camera

Prepping in Michelle's beautiful kitchen

Hi, Jake!

A bunch of my salmon that I caught this summer. What a great year!

Filming was super fun and seemed to go really fast! After finding out that Michelle and her boyfriend would be canning my salmon for me I realized I'd be able to make it to the Art Walk in downtown that night, which was great! I called Jessica to find out if her and Jonas might be interested in going with me. They were and we did and it was awesome!

I am so thankful to have such great experiences and things happen to me this past week! I am now looking forward to having this upcoming week totally off work. I have fun stuff planned almost every evening and hardly anything planned during the day. It will be nice to sleep in every morning and have the days to do what I please. Yesterday I spent the whole day reading, puttering on the internet, and watching movies. After working so much this summer, having a whole week to myself is really a treat. It will give me a chance to spend one last good amount of time in this city that I love doing whatever it is I feel like doing.

I'll be back in Portland NEXT FRIDAY OH MY GOD. This spring and summer have gone by both totally fast and not-so-fast. When I had a month until I headed back to Portland I gotta admit, I was kinda "meh" about going back. But now that it's a week and a half and things are coming together and I have SO MUCH to look forward to I'm so excited! New job, working on soap stuff from home, seeing my PDX friends, blogging with regularity, having time to do "whatever", lots of cooking, starting my "go through everything in my apartment and sell lots" project, maybe even kayak (I have to whisper that since I planned to kayak all summer and it didn't happen, so maybe in Portland? ;o), and who knows what!!! The world is my oyster (what does that mean?!) and I am going to kick some booty when I'm back in Portland. Soon, my friends, soon...

P.S. Stay tuned this week for both cat pictures and things on the internets I've been loving. You're dying for both, right?

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