Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lomography Photos For July!

Hello, lovely people. I may not have a giveaway this week (remember, if you're artistic and would like to do a giveaway with me, email me!) but we should have one next week! Crossing fingers!!

In other fun news, I got my lomo photos back yesterday, so I spent the evening scanning them and uploading them to all the usual photo sites.

It was awesome to see the photos from my new camera, the La Sardina! Here's a few of my favorites, but you can see all of the photos here.

The other photos are from my Diana Mini. Nothing from my Diana until next round of photos. I just bought another five pack of my favorite 120 film from eBay and it is here next to me, just waiting for loving photos to be taken! Until then, enjoy some photos from my Diana Mini and check all of them out here!

In other super duper exciting camera news I got my Horizont in the mail two weeks earlier than I thought! It's coming to Colorado with me! (In less than two weeks! Eeek!)


  1. umm, i hope you are planning on opening and Etsy photo print shop! These are fantastic! :D

  2. You are the only person who has mentioned this to me! I think if I knew more about how to get started in something like that I might be a little more gung-ho about it. Also, there is no where in Ketchikan I could get pictures professionally printed, etc, so I would have to wait until I get back to Portland. I think maybe if I had more than one person telling me I should sell photos that might be good, too. Ha ha! ;o) Mental safety in numbers! I guess there is never harm in just sticking a few photos on Etsy and seeing what happens (someday!). I wish there was a class out there as far as what one needs to do to get started in that.

  3. LOVE the one where you are like a tree spirit!! At the top. Awesome!
    I was so excited to bring my Diana Mini with me to Osoyoos this weekend and I forgot it :( So sad! I wasn't packing in the best state of mind. Bah.