Sunday, July 31, 2011

Getting To Colorado: In Pictures

Sorry in advance for the weird spacing in this post. Blogging from my phone is weird.

I made it to Colorado today! It's warm and I just ate for the first time in six hours. I am a happy Brittany.

Leaving Ketchikan


Mountain? Old volcano?

We don't have this in Alaska.

On the way to Fort Collins I was curious about the temp. Geez! Whatever temp it is now is perfect. I just walked ten minutes over to a little food area from the campus and the wind was nice. So pleasant!

Yippee! I'm a real nature printer! ;o)

And now...this. A giant piece of pan pizza and a pint of Fat Tire. (And I get to go to the New Belgium Brewery on Wednesday!! Dream come true!)

I can't wait to go to bed. Whitney and I were out dancing later than we anticipated last night. I slept almost all of both plane rides to get here but am still tired even though it is technically only 5:30ish to my body.

And that is my day! Whee! I can't wait to see what this week brings me!


  1. Fun! What brings you to CO? We moved from there a few years ago. Mountains are pretty, but I have to say I'm an ocean girl. Have a fun trip!

  2. I'm here for a nature printing workshop at CSU. The house we are staying at is amazing! I can't wait to take more photos later when it is bright out.