Monday, July 11, 2011

Fireworks and Fish!

What an awesome weekend! Saturday and Sunday were both full of awesomeness! Saturday night was great because the fireworks had been rescheduled this night because the weather was better than on the actual Fourth. (I'm sure you remember this post?) I wanted to play around with some of my analog cameras to try and get fireworks pictures, so I decided on the Diana, because I have not yet used my new telephoto lens for it, and my La Sardina. Fun, fun!

I wish I knew if my photos turned out! I just sent film off a few days ago so I won't be sending off more for another month or so. The agony of the wait! ;o)
The fireworks ended up being just as awesome as usual, if not more awesome. (That is four times I have used the word "awesome" in this post now.) I totally love Ketchikan's fireworks display and think they do a great job every single year and this year was just as great. What I love is that everyone goes down to the docks on the water and when the fireworks go off the boom from them is TOTALLY amplified by the fact that they're being let off from a barge on the water, there is usually a low cloud layer, and we're surrounded by mountains. This combination just kinda holds the sound in and makes it go BOOOOMMMM!!!

The finale fireworks was totally awesome! Huge and sparkly!

On Sunday I went to work as normal, but then got a text from my friend Warren asking me if I wanted to go halibut fishing. I have never, ever gone halibut fishing and so I closed down the coffee shop (it was really slow!) and headed home to change clothes. There ended up being some technical errors and timing-wise going halibut fishing didn't work out, since the place he and his wife fish halibut it aways away, but that still meant we could go salmon fishing!

I got out to Knudson Cove a few minutes before Warren and Jeanine, so I watched a raven hop around with a piece of fish in its beak.

The eagles all waited for some tasty fish extras to be thrown into the water. Yummy!

Finally, we were off! I'm on a boat! (I had to say it.)

The sky was looking awesome, so I took a ton of sky pictures.

I caught the first king in a matter of minutes! I finally have a picture of me with a king I've caught, since I didn't get it when Jonathan, my dad, and I went fishing. ;o)

Warren and Janine, pulling up lines at the same time!


One of Warren's fish!

And then it was getting dark, so we had to go home.

It was such an awesome day and I'm so thankful I was able to go! I am hoping to be able to fish the halibut derby with them this weekend, but I'm not sure if that will work out. Crossing fingers!

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