Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alaska Crafts Tutorial: Cutting Those Wool Boot Inserts Down To Size

Here in Alaska there are a few skills one needs to know in order to survive. One of those is having wool inserts in your XtraTufs and knowing how to cut them down to size if your feet are child-size and stores don't carry inserts that small

 Your inserts look like the ones on the left? That's because you've been using them for a few years. Also, you didn't know the grey side is supposed to be the "down" side, not up. (Oops.)

 You have a new, size 4 pair of wool inserts. You are a size 3 XtraTuf. You know what you must do.
Trace the old insert onto the new one.

 Cut the extra off, making a size 4 insert into a size 3.

Throw the nasty, smelly old insoles out. You don't need to keep them. They cost you $4 (but the new ones were $6!). Just do it.

Voila! You are now that much smarter and that much Alaska Craftier!

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