Monday, April 4, 2011

What a Week!

Whew, what a week this has been! I feel like a had a lot to do every day. Hopefully this week will be a little more laid-back than last week! I made an important executive decision last week that helped in my amount of free time. Since failing statistics and this meaning I will not be graduating until next year, I decided to put off doing my senior project until probably winter term next year. Since I only have one more month of being in Portland before going back to Alaska I wanted to enjoy my time here, not be stuck doing hours of paper writing. Since my paper also has to be on something anthropological, I am going to talk to my anth teacher in AK and some native elders about things and get some ideas there.

Anyway, so that's something that's been on my mind!

With all this free time I've been making a lot of soap! I've been trying to get as much made as I can so that by the time I get to Ketchikan I have a lot made up and options for people! I've gotten a few more in the shop lately...


It's been so much fun making all of this! I have so many more ideas for soaps that I want to make, but I only have so much time right now. But I really just want to make more and more!

I got my schedule from Steve for the coffee shop and it's looking like I'll be working around 50 hours a week. Yeah! Very excited about that. Gotta make some money!

On Saturday Jonathan and I went to OMSI, which is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. The new exhibit was about Egypt and had a bunch of cool artifacts and we got to see a mummy, which was pretty cool. Every time we're at OMSI I also have to go say hi to the fish aquariums and see the fossils. They have six king salmon (Chinook!) smolt there. So cute!

Sunday afternoon Jonathan and I rode our bikes to REI, which was sooo nice. I haven't been somewhere on my bike other than to and from work in so long, it seems. The weekend weather hasn't really been conducive to wanting to get out and about with Eleanor, so I'm thankful I finally got to! Jonathan has been wanting to get me a bike jersey but I haven't really seen anything that I like until today! I now own the cutest bike jersey in the world AND I found a cute pair of action skorts to wear with it. Now if we only had some warm weather I'd be totally set!

 I would probably not really wear this outfit with knee-high SmartWools, but, hey, it works!

 New jersey and new hot pink socks!

Eleanor even got to come in the store so Jonathan could make sure the top tube adapter would fit. I have the prettiest bike in the world! (Humble personal opinion.)

I also got a two hour long nap and a bath in on Sunday night, so my day was pretty much complete!

Today I have an appointment for a test to make sure when I had my second cervical surgery they got all of the pre-cancerous cells, so cross your fingers for me, please!! Because having two surgeries done is not fun and totally sucks, FYI. Having cancer later down the road would also not be fun and I am thankful these cells were caught in time, but I just want to mentally be done with this period in my life!

Today is also the last day to enter to win a bar of the North Star lemon poppyseed soap, so if you're going to enter you better do it by 6pm PST! :o)


  1. You should really consider branching out to make shampoo bars! That is all that I use and I would love to patronize someone that I know rather than someone else on etsy. Your soaps look divine! I love how chunky the grapefruit one is!

  2. I definitely want to because I use them myself! I need to have some time to research recipes a little bit more. I have a few that I've stumbled across and bookmarked, but I want to know a little bit more about the natures of the oils before I start making them. But you will know when I do!

    The grapefruit one is so fun to make! I put dried orange peel on top. I wish there was some way it would always stay in because it looks neat!

  3. Yay for bike rides! Your bike looks awesome by the way.

    PS. hope the appt went well, sending positive thoughts your way.

  4. Oh, thank you! I am hoping so, too. I really, really like my doctor and I was in and out in maybe fifteen minutes? So I'll find out in about two weeks if I came out negative or not. I've been dealing with pre-cancerous cells for two years now, I think? I just want to be done with them for good!