Friday, April 29, 2011

Today I Leave Portland

This is it! Today is the day I have had planned since last August. Today I am driving to Bellingham, WA, and getting on the M/V Malaspina for a 36 hour ferry ride to Ketchikan. This will be my main view for a couple days:

When I get to Ketchikan I'm going to swing by the coffee shop, get the house keys from Steve, and head out to my new digs. Showering is going to feel so nice! After I get all purtied up I'll head back to the shop and work 9am-4pm. WOW!! YAY! After work I need to run a few errands, but then I am meeting friends for dinner at my favorite restaurant, Annabelle's. I plan on having the blue cheese-encrusted halibut:

Kind of a dark picture, but you get the point. Huge piece of halibut with creamy, blue cheesey goodness and a ton of steamed veggies on the side. Did I mention the cannery bread? Oh, yes.

I won't have wifi on the boat, so I downloaded a few movies on iTunes to watch and I have magazines and books, so hopefully Saturday passes quickly. Cross your fingers for lots and lots and lots of whales and porpoises for me to squeal over. ;o) And good weather, too!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Safe trip.
    On a side note: I'm driving to Bellingham tonight too, but my boyfriend is going to a computer conference nothing cool as Alaska. Small world.

  2. Very cool! Another friend of mine in Portland is heading to Bellingham today also. It's like THE place to be today!

  3. Have a fun trip. I love my soap I got in the mail btw! Smells amazing!

  4. Travel safe! Take lots of photos! :-)

  5. Have fun! An adventure awaits! (Is this a permanent move?!!! :) )

  6. Have a great trip, Brittany! :-)
    Love, Mom