Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pre-Cancerous Cells Free!

I found out some news yesterday that made me skip home with joy! I have been dealing with pre-cancerous cervical cells for a couple of years now. I had a very uncomfortable surgery last July that didn't work. On my birthday in December last year I had a different kind of uncomfortable surgery that I have been anxiously waiting to find out the final results. I was told I could get a pap after three months to find out if it would be negative, although it might be too soon for my body to have healed.

Last Monday I went into my doctor's office, did my exam, and have been sitting on pins and needles to find out the results. When I checked the mail last night there was a little card with "negative" checked and "come back in six months" written next to it!! YAY!!

This is why it's so important to get yearly pap exams! If I hadn't had caught this early I could have had full-blown cervical cancer down the road, which is scary. Knowing I have the power to do something about it is awesome and I really, really appreciate that Planned Parenthood is around because I have seen them quite a bit in the past few years!

So, anyway, thanks for listening. I'm just thrilled to hopefully be done with this chapter of my life. :o)


  1. Yay! I am so happy for you! :o) Do the happy the happy dance! LOL! What great news to start your BIG future 2011 adventures with!


  2. so glad to hear you are healthy :) i hope lots of other women are as pro-active about their health as you are.