Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heading Home

As I write this we are on our way back from the beach. It feels silly to say, "I'm going to miss the coast!" since I am heading back to my Alaskan island soon. But the Oregon Coast is different. You can look out across the water and see nothing but the line that divides the water and the sea. I took about a bajillion photos (give or take) with my Diana Mini, that I'll have developed tomorrow. I hope I got some good shots!

We finished up our trip with sushi at this little place we love in the historic bayfront.

Mmmm...nigiri. I ended up ordering a few more pieces, as well.

And now we're on our drive back. Only another 45 minutes to go or so. Going to go visit Hollay tonight at North one last time for awhile.

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Tomorrow is back to work for me. Gotta wrap a ton of soap, run some errands, and pack and organize a little bit. I have another bag of items to take to Goodwill. So much to do! Can't be in vacation mode any longer. :o)


  1. That sushi made my mouth water!

  2. Oh, it was so, so good! The tuna and salmon are local, so it's totally fresh. My own mouth is watering just thinking of it!