Monday, March 7, 2011

Soap, Paper, Love Lessons Learned from Early '00s Hip Hop Videos, and Some Blog Love

Saturday morning I was kind of a goofball. Remember how excited I was to meet up with Sharron to do "fieldwork" for nature printing? Well, I sat in the parking lot of this Asian seafood store for ten minutes before I realized I had the day wrong. SIGH. It was still a great afternoon, hanging out with Andi for the first time in about a month, due to my school schedule and her just moving to a new house. Sunshine, girl time, and mate chai? Wonderful!

Saturday night Jonathan and I headed to Disjecta to check out the Portland Paper City, an art project that my friend Emily helped on. The city of Portland was built out of paper! Pretty awesome...

Some of Emily's roses! She made over 100 for the show. SO cool!

 Everything was amazing! You can see the rest of the photos I took here. Pretty awesome!

After the show we headed to The Guild for drinks. I got to finally meet Shana and Shawn, who were both lovely. We had such a great time!

When I drink cocktails I like to wear my Fancy Face.

Our yummy antipasto plate.

Bottled Alaskan Amber for only $3 at a bar? That's a steal in PDX!

Sunday we went to brunch with Nate at The Blue Pig (of course). My huevos rancheros...AWESOME.

Sunday afternoon I took my soap-making class! It was so awesome! I would highly recommend taking classes at Mr. Green Beans. Everything was explained well and it was so fun! Apparently, soap is incredibly easy to make. I'm excited to make it on my own now!

My table set-up

I made lemon-scented soap with lemon zest and poppyseeds for exfoliation. It smells so good!

Sunday night needed some rest-time. It involved blog-reading. On Yes and Yes, one of my favorite blogs, Sarah had posted Web Time Wasters, which I love. This week included a link to Love Lessons Learned from Early '00s Hip Hop Videos, a hip hop time period that I LOVE. I'm often listening to music from this time period. Or the Notorious B.I.G. station on Pandora. I just love hip hop, period. Anyway, watching the videos brought back some good memories. I love those songs!

Other blog love I read was...
 Every relationship has that learning process! Something are relationship-specific and some things are just good to keep in mind overall.

*Marley's post about dealing with newly-diagnosed fibromyalgia and trying to turn her life around in 2011.
Marley is an inspiration and is an awesome lady who I am not only lucky enough to know in real life, but she was my date to the fire department Christmas party this year!

This week is my last full week of statistics class. I am so ready for it to be over. I really hope I pass the class and can just get past it so I can graduate in June! I'm excited about today because my new, refurbished MacBook Air gets delivered! I had a case made for it from Feruto Bags on Etsy. They made my iPad case, too, and it's gorgeous. So why would I not want a matching case for my other Apple products?

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I look forward to hearing about what everyone else did, either through comment or leave a link to your weekend blog post! :o)


  1. What a fab weekend - I want to eat at the Blue Pig!

    Your Mac book air cases look great : )

  2. The Blue Pig has the best food in Portland for brunch, as far as I'm concerned. It's just really good quality food. Sooo good!

    Oops, I'm glad you actually mentioned the cases from Feruto Bags because it made me realize I forgot to link to to them like I wanted to. Thank you! ;o)