Friday, March 4, 2011

Homebrew, Things I Want To Do (Part Two), and Craftiliciousness

Under my "Friendies" section (if you are a friendie whose blog I read you should send me a button so I can add you - I know I have more than three friends) you will now see something new. That, my friends, is my official list of the crafty things I want to do, as originally mentioned in this post. Obviously, the list is short right now, but I plan on adding to it over time. I put it in my sidebar so that I can easily see my list and think about it.

I'm pretty excited about this weekend because tomorrow I'm going to meet up with Sharron and she's going to take me to the fish market where she buys her specimens to print for her gyotakus and encaustics! I'd like to get the tools I'll be using to do my nature-printing at some point, too. On Sunday I'm going to take a soap-making class at Mr. Green Beans, where the website says I will come home with at least 1-2 pounds of soap. Sounds good to me!

Oh, and how did I forget to mention this before?! My homebrew turned out DELICIOUS! We tried it for the first time on Monday and it was so good. Halo Cat Hefe is a win! I'm still going to let it age for a few more weeks, but after one week the first bottle was mighty tasty.

Offering it to the birdie gods. I was actually trying to get a photo for New Duds' contest they're having on their Facebook page. Birds, feathers, love!

One last thing before I sign off for the weekend...

Our new organic cotton bath mat is so great! Definitely recommend it for the price. Our old bath mat was something I'd had for, oh, five years and was getting pretty gross on the bottom, even with washing, so it was time to replace it. Luckily, this organic cotton one was affordable! We're replacing things that wear out with eco-friendly options. Working on it!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm really excited about next week not ONLY because it is the last week in my winter term but there is a giveaway planned! Oooh! Aaah! Definitely something worth being excited about so check back next week. :o)

P.S. I am selling some stuff on eBay right now, so check it out if you might be interested!

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