Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Eco-Friendly Find, Archaeology Trip Update, and Stuffins

This past week has been so eventful, and this week is looking like it will be the same. However, on Sunday we have NO plans and we are keeping it that way! It'll be nice to have a day off and not be doing anything, although I have appreciated all of the neat stuff we've been doing!
I realized earlier I never posted any pictures from Timberline, although you can see the full album here.

I talked to my archaeology teacher last night and our trip in May has changed. Our original plan was to take the Tongass Ranger out, but I think funding was cut for the year, so we are now flying in a float plane to a USFS cabin and doing all of our hikes from there. No boats! I am super bummed to not be on the Tongass Ranger because I love being on there and then taking the skiff out. But this year will also be awesome because I will be on a plane and I still get to camp. It'll be interesting because we were always on Jake's schedule (the boat captain), but now we will be hiking everywhere from the cabin location, so we'll be cooking food for ourselves and will only have the water we'll be bringing with us, etc. More like real camping! So I am way excited. Also, my teacher said some of the stuff we'll be monitoring are some mines, an old homestead, a fish trap, and some stuff from World War II. YAY!
I also got my new ThermaRest Pro-Lite Plus sleeping pad in the mail on Monday, so I am ready to use it on this trip! Halo Cat thinks it's pretty neat, too.
In soap news, I will hopefully have my Etsy soap shop open soon! I basically just need to take pictures, but I have all the descriptions written up and everything is planned. If you want to check out the shop as it is now, it's right here. Any sort of constructive criticism is appreciated! (Constructive, mind you. ;o) Here's a picture of my Rain-Dogg soap that just started curing a few days ago. It smells so yummy! Like orangey deliciousness.
Last night we went to a Blazers game. They were playing the Wizards and it was AWESOME. I love Blazers games! I've only been to a couple, but they are so fun. We love to get the $10 tickets for the upper-most seating rows. The view is still pretty good, especially with the big screen, and there is so much energy! (Also, Blazers won! Yeah!!)

Last, but not least, we found some ethically-sourced latex gloves at The One Stop Sustainability Shop. They were a little more expensive at $5, but Jonathan likes them and they have an impressive list of green-friendliness on the back. I (and he) would recommend them!
Okay! That is my Wednesday post. Thank you for reading!
P.S. Yesterday marked one month until my last day at my present main job! Yippee! I can't wait to not sit all the time. :o)


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see the pictures from your archaeology trip, the subjects sound so neat. Old homesteads are so interesting and I can only imagine the erosion over time of an Alaskan homestead! Also I love those rubber gloves. I need a new pair so I'll have to look those up online or at our local "natural food" stores. :o)


  2. Yeah, the gloves are awesome! I should have taken a picture of the back of the box. I wore them last night to do dishes and they worked well. Jonathan's only wish is that they came up higher on his arms.