Friday, January 7, 2011

Although they may not show it, kitties love bunting

To sum up this week, it was excellent. I feel really accomplished right now and it's a good feeling. I got paid from the coffee shop yesterday and it was more than I had expected, so this morning I was completely able to pay off the credit card from paying for school last month! YEAH!! That makes me feel awesome. I worked super hard and I got rewarded. It's a good feeling.

Last night after work I delivered a bike basket to Amy, which she traded me a super cute necklace of hers for, and then I gave my blue vintage Samsonite bag and a whole bunch of magazines to Cameron, who posted a super cute picture of her happiness to have two matching camera bags. (The cream bag was hers already, but now she has bag buddies.)

Photo by Cameron!

After dropping the goodies off and visiting my friends, I headed to the Mash Tun to take Jonathan out to dinner. After I checked my bank account yesterday and saw my coffee shop paycheck I called him and told him I was taking him out. It was a great dinner!

I came home last night to all sorts of fun stuff. Amy gave me a bird pin she made and also two little buntings, one of which I am going to send to Stina, because we had been talking about how neither of us owned bunting, but now we both will. We will be....BUNTING BUDDIES. Oh, yes, I went there.

Here's some pictures I took last night after I got home:

 New, pretty Mossiere calendar. I can't wait to hang it this weekend!

 Super cute necklace from Amy! You can have one, too!

 Adorable bird pin

 I took a picture of the bird pin with the bird wall in the background. I wish it was more clear, but the flash made things too bright. Oh, well!


 The bunting on our Old School Stationer wall.

 Although they may not show it...

Kitties love bunting!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. What is a bunting? Am I missing something?


  2. Here's what Wiki has to say about bunting:

    It's cute!

  3. Oh, I see! I think I was just missing! I thought that was what it was, but was just all sorts of lost. LOL! Thanks for clearing that one up!