Saturday, December 4, 2010

My first night in Alaska was awesome!

I made it to Alaska last night and some of you may have seen some of the pictures I posted on Facebook and Twitter. The house I'm staying at is amazing and my boss left me some awesome goodies!

Air mattress with cozy sleeping bag and goodies from Simply Bella! A set of new towels, some Aura Cacia lavender bath soak, and handmade soap made in Alaska from one of our coffee shop customers, Mineral Creek Essentials.

 Kettle chips and mini booze bottles!

 A mini fridge full of beer and champagne!

 A toast to an excellent first night back in Ketchikan!

 Did I mention the ginormous tub I have to soak in?

Okay, maybe not with woolie socks on!

I spent my time last night figuring out where stuff is and arranging things for the next week. I got my coffee ready for the morning, my clothes were laid out, and my alarm was set. I'll be getting to the coffee shop at 7am this morning and I'll be ready to work! I can't wait to see all of my beloved customers!

Tonight is the fire department Christmas party so no post for Sunday. I'll be out late with lots of friends!

Nighty night! Frank and I are ready for bed! (You remember Frank, don't you?)

P.S. Use code BARISTAB in our Etsy shop and Big Cartel shop for 25% off your order. You want to keep me busy at the coffee shop filling orders while I'm here, don't you?

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