Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's my birthday!

Whoooooo hoo hoo!! Today is my birthday! Yaaaay!!

Today I'm also going in for my LEEP surgery. The plan is to come home after that and open my birthday presents. Nothing makes one feel better after surgery than presents, right? I did open my present from Renai early, though. It was so lovely! I got a kitty pouch from The Dainty Squid, the pine cone lip embellishment from For Strange Women, and the pine cone rubber stamp from Nora Jane. I already got my birthday presents from Jonathan, which were the bike rack I wanted and a new pair of Tuffies! (He got me my first pair of Alaskan Sneakers for my birthday in 2007. I wear them ALL the time, so they are pretty worn out. New ones are great! Yay!)

Yeah! New birthday Tuffies!

Boy, so much going on lately! I had four days off last weekend, but I worked quite a bit during that time and got a TON of errands done with, some that have been needing to be done for months. So it feels good to be free from that stuff!

Using my new panniers from Laplander Bags has been AMAZING. Panniers make a HUGE difference in my bike-riding comfort now. I no longer get super sweaty and my back feels way better from not having to lug around a heavy backpack. The panniers I got are totally worth the price. I LOVE THEM.

I'm so excited that on Friday I'll be heading to Ketchikan for a week! YAY!! I'm really looking forward to working at the coffee shop (and having a special sale while I'm there!), seeing my friends, hiking, and shopping! I am definitely hitting up Ketchikan Dry Goods, Parnassus, and Soho Coho for shopping. I want to go to KDG so bad it's not even funny. I'm on the lookout for jewelry and scarves. I'll be house-sitting for a friend while I'm there and rumor has it that Steve is going to leave me some homemade Kahlua, made with our Witches Brew. Oh, my gosh, the stuff is amazing!

Thank you to everyone for putting up with my lack of blog posts since last week. It wasn't that there wasn't stuff going on or that I didn't want to post, I was just super busy! But that is done now and life is good. :o)

P.S. 25% off your coffee order in our Etsy and Big Cartel shops today because of my birfday with code WOOWO!