Monday, December 27, 2010

Another wonderful Christmas!

Did everyone have a wonderful Christmas? Jonathan and I sure did! We both had Christmas Eve off, so it was nice to sleep in and have some time to get things done around the apartment. He took me to the movies to see "Tron: 3D," which was awesome! I want the soundtrack so bad. I love me some Daft Punk and I was all squealy to see they had a cameo in the movie.

After the movie I was super sneaky. I had been waiting for this moment all day. As Jonathan and I left the theatre I said, "So would you want to go get your new phone now?" totally nonchalantly. There was a long pause and Jonathan said, "What?" He was totally confused. I had told him I would get him a new phone but it wouldn't probably be until February. This was several weeks ago and he was excited enough them to learn he was getting a new phone in a few months, so to hear me asking this, I could see the wheels turning in his head. So I told him, "Would you want to go get your new phone now?" and then he got it! Huzzah! He was SO excited! The girl at the AT&T store was super nice and we were in and out in ten minutes. Jonathan now no longer has a phone that freezes up, doesn't load things, sometimes doesn't want to make a phone call, etc. The list goes on. He is totally thrilled!

After getting back home we packed up the car, loaded up Artoo, and headed for Jonathan's parents' house. We got there later than expected, so we all chatted, played Wii, and watched Christmas movies on the tv until bedtime. (I was up again at 4am, due to my lovely cough, so that wasn't so fun. I can't wait to feel better!)

Christmas morning was great! Jonathan's mom makes this really yummy breakfast casserole with hashbrowns, eggs, sausage or ham, gravy (yes, gravy), and spices. It is sooo delicious! After breakfast it was time for presents!

My gifts from Jonathan were...

The feather print I had been wanting forever from NewDuds!


The Shining Moonlight hoops from VerreEncore!

I got other wonderful presents, too, like a picnic basket, SmartWool pants and shirt (both black), a yoga mat, heart rate monitor, REI gift card, books, and other super awesome and wonderful things. (Let's not forget the giant bottle of homemade Kahlua from Jonathan's brother Ryan!)

We basically spent all of Christmas day eating. Or it feels like it! There was a nap at some point in time. Every year the Christmas dinner tradition is Reenie's homemade pizza. It is GOOD! I think I conked out right after dinner.

Here's a few photos I managed to take while we were there:

 Mama and Baby

 Some of Reenie's snowman collection!

Jonathan and I's stockings

I'm excited about this week because I don't work again at Old Navy until Thursday, then I have Friday off (paid!), and then work again on Saturday. Of course, I still work my regular day job, but I'm looking forward to going straight home three days this week and getting to cook and relax! I like working at O.N. but it's nice to have some free time, too. And then next week my winter term starts! Eeeee!! Wish me luck I don't go totally crazy. :o)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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