Monday, November 22, 2010

When you fall get up, oh oh

What a wonderful weekend! It is Sunday night and I am back home, thinking about how great this weekend was. Seeing Jonathan's brother Nate and his fiance Hilary for the first time in a year was SO GREAT!! We have missed them so much! It was really nice to have Thanksgiving with everyone there!

 Pre-dinner munchies, of course

 The very best blackberry cobbler ever!

 Jonathan making some mashed potatoes

Nate & Hilary brought these back from Thailand. We didn't try any, though!

Dinner was really enjoyable and we all ate a lot, like typical Americans do at a typical Thanksgiving feast. I went to bed and didn't sleep well, probably because I was so full of food.

This morning I got up and lounged all day, finally deciding to take Artoo out for a nice walk and exploration adventure. It had been raining all day, but, as you know I am Alaskan, that didn't stop me. ;o)

What Artoo and I Saw On Our Walk

 Deer poop!

 Artoo loves to run in the field

 I have no clue what this is. Seed pod? It was hollow.

 Old fenceposts

 Jonathan let me borrow his cap because it was raining and I didn't have a hood.

 There is a deer track in this mud, but it's kinda hard to see.

 Walking through woods...

 Onto the really old road

 This moss is always so nice.

I don't know what this is! Rusty machinery, I suppose.

After we came in from our walk I finished up some laundry and we drove home. It takes about 2.5 hours to get to Jonathan's parents' house, so we had quite a drive back. I must have worn Artoo out because he didn't make a peep the entire car ride back! YAY.

When we arrived home I was very excited because our new dehumidifier was full of water!! Super yay! The air in the apartment feels so much better. It feels warmer in here and definitely less damp. I'm totally impressed.

 That bucket full light is ON.

I'm so impressed.

And now it is getting late and I must go to bed! Tomorrow is the start of a busy week!

P.S. Okay, I have to post this picture I took last night of Jonathan and Halo. He was puttering on the laptop on the couch and Halo HAD to be on his lap. HAD to.


  1. That cobbler looks amazing and the pringles are hillarious! I can't believe they come in those flavors.

  2. The cobbler is AMAZING. Jonathan's mom makes it with blackberries from their yard and she knows it's my favorite dessert, so she always makes it when we're coming to visit. :o)

    The Pringles are scary hilarious!! Blueberry hazelnut chips! WEIRD. When I went to Russia in 2005 I found bacon-flavored Cheetos. I bought a bag to try and they were so incredibly disgusting. And the picture on the front was Chester Cheetah squeezing a bacon-shaped squiggle onto the bag. So weird. I bet people from other countries find our "sour cream and onion" and "three cheese" or whatever chips weird. :o)

  3. Deer poop! Mushrooms! Terrifying Pringles flavors! I am so jealous of your weekend!

  4. It was an excellent weekend! We will have a weekend just as good sometime in the hopefully near future!

  5. Beautiful mossy road! I bet it is so soft under the feet! I absolutely love these pictures from your weekend! Hannah would have had a blast "petting" all the moss! :o)