Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's November!

Wow, what a crazy past couple of days! I ended up staying home from work on yesterday because I wasn't feeling good at all. I snuggled up on the couch with the laptop and actually got quite a bit done. I wrote a book report for my Disabilities class and totally updated the coffee shop's Etsy, eCrater, and Big Cartel stores. Booyeah! I also took a really nice bath with lavender oil and some Angel Face Botanicals Detox scrub. I felt really good about getting so much computer stuff done, but it was just kinda sucky that I felt so yuck while doing it.

I'm so excited for this weekend. On Friday night I'm going to a workshop at the Bhaktishop called The Beauty of Ayurveda and on Saturday I'll be going back there for a Pause Button: An Ayurvedic Vata Balancing Workshop. I've been looking forward to them for a month now, so I'm glad it's finally this weekend! I'm really looking forward to learning some new things and relaxing.

On Sunday I'll be helping out for a few hours at the Little Winter market at The Cleaners. Lots of handmade goodies! People are coming from all over, so it should be a good time.

Halo has been doing better. She didn't get any insulin on yesterday, sadly, but this morning she ate breakfast like a champ and got her shot! She doesn't have a ton of energy yet, but she is feistier overall than she was, so that's better than nothing! If you still feel like donating there is still a link in the upper right corner of my blog. She still has vet bills and any help would be appreciated!

Two exciting things coming up. My birthday is in a month and I'm going to Ketchikan two days after my birthday. YAY! I'm super excited! I haven't been to Ketchikan since September. Sooo loooong. Ha ha! I'll be working at the coffee shop during the day, so if you're in Ketchikan come visit me!

For my birthday I have always bought myself a present. I'm thinking this year I might get myself some panniers similar to these. I have been trying to find panniers that I like for awhile now and I really like the look of these, although they have a few versions that are very similar. Jonathan is getting me this bike rack (locally made!) for my birthday, so I'll have something to put my panniers on. Eleanor will finally be complete. ;o) The credit card will be paid off soon and I'll have some spending money, plus my extra job stuff has been paying off. YAY. Such a good feeling!


  1. Sorry you aren't feeling well, buddy. I'm glad Halo is doing better.

    Treat yourself for your birthday. My birthday is tomorrow and I'm going to do likewise. Life is meant to be enjoyed!

  2. Yay! Happy almost birthday! Life is definitely meant to be enjoyed! I am SO glad this past month is over and I can go back to feeling awesome about life, like usual. :oD