Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rain-Dogg and Peacock Feathers

Well, not a whole lot has happened in the past couple of days. Mainly, the two (oops, three) main points of excitement were:

I FINALLY found Rainier (aka "Vitamin R," "Rain-Dogg," "Rainy") in Portland to make my Rain-Dogg soap with. Beer soap with yummy orange essential oil! It's going to be darn good. If you are Alaskan you will understand this soap and if you're not Alaskan you will still love and appreciate this soap. I promise!

My Mocha Java soap was unmolded and looks and smells wonderful! I bought a soap blade from Mr. Green Beans (yay!) tonight (Tuesday night) and am going to cut it into yummy-sized chunks. This smells so good! Jonathan says it smells like something he would eat. I consider this to be a good sign.

Tuesday evening I received my peacock feather earrings I'd ordered from Ketchikan Dry Goods in the mail. Can you believe they are only $16?! I love them! (The one is a little wild-looking here. I have since tamed it some.) Wearing these makes me feel like I have long hair again, which has not happened since I was 11.

That's it! This weekend I have Friday off from work, so I am taking a private tour of Timberline Lodge, courtesy of some friends of mine. (Excitement!!!) Then Jonathan and I are going to Vancouver, B.C., to visit Stina and Ben. Yay, Canada!!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I love that you are making soap with the Vitamin R. I need to buy some of that for my little brother. He may as well bathe with the stuff! Cool peacock earrings! I have a pair and love them. It is awesome how they are so big and fancy but so light!

  2. Ha! Every time you posted something about not being able to find Rainer for your soap I thought something along the lines of "Is there an essential oil that smells like cheap beer?" I don't know why it didn't occur to me you were actually looking for the beer1 :-D

    Also, love that those earrings make you feel like you have long hair, b/c when I first saw the pic, I thought you were wearing a wig or something! (Until my eyes focused on the colored part of the feather...)

  3. Ha ha! Okay, Kim, your comment made me crack up. I thought about cheating and just using PBR or Hamm's, because who would know the difference? (Yes, Alaskans would know the difference...somehow. We would sense it. ;o) But then I found it and now I have a sixer of tall boys in my fridge. Jonathan said I should shotgun the tall boy to finish off the amount of beer in the can that I wouldn't be using for soap. I like his thinking. ;o)

    Also, thanks to both of you for comments on the earrings! I can't wait to wear them in public. I was shaking my head slowly back and forth last night, feeling the "weight" of the earrings and making them float, and Jonathan goes, "You look like a robin looking for worms!" That boy, he has a way with words!

  4. HAHAHA, this makes me look forward to you & J coming even more! Like a robin looking for worms. I hope he's saving up some beauties for your visit! :)

  5. I hope you have a great trip! The weather here seems to be warming up quite nicely! Love the earrings! Looking forward to photos from your trip as well! :o)


  6. Thank you! I checked out yesterday and it said it's supposed to be cold (in the mid-40s!) and rainy, so I'm not going to get my hopes up *too* much. ;o)